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How tech works: How to understand what software designers had in mind and make the most of it
This session is for every intelligent user who has ever felt the need for an idiot’s guide. It is intended to start you on a journey of self-sufficiency and problem solving. It will challenge the assumption that software must be intuitive and explore ways of developing useful intuitions.

• Nothing is intuitive: Intuition as lack of a knowledge gap
• Affordances, how to find them and how to develop them
• Metaphors and mental models used by software designers and power users
• Identifying and dealing with leaky abstractions
• Idioms are better than metaphors: Going from knowing the grammar and vocabulary to fluency
• Why working memory is the biggest obstacle to being an effective computer user
• The best software is designed for intermediate users. How do you become one?

Feb 5, 2021 01:00 PM in London

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